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Oct 23 / The PhoApps Team

Learn more about your iPhone / iPod Touch contacts with the free Remember Me? Quiz

RememberMe? Quiz is now available on the App Store. The app is a quiz game in which questions are generated from your iPhone / iPod Touch address book contacts.

The quiz is time-based and players can choose between three difficulty levels that affect the type of questions presented throughout the game as well as time available. Gameplay includes recognizing photos, fake contacts, names, addresses, job information and more.

Main features:
* Quiz questions are generated from the user’s own contact library
* Three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Insane
* Quiz questions include recognizing photos, fake contacts, first names, last names, job information and more
* High score
* Optimized for Retina display
* Supports multitasking in iOS 4 (app switching)

Read more about RememberMe? Quiz here

Visit RememberMe? Quiz in the App Store here

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